The California exodus is real! It is not just California residents, in 2018 and 2019, 660 California-based companies relocated their 765 facilities to other states. Yet, many of our local representatives are pushing for higher corporate taxes at both the state and federal level. Our Silicon Valley companies are being squeezed by onerous taxes and regulations. We need to protect the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. Today historic low unemployment number 3.4% and historic high Dow Jones Industrial average 2800+ Silicon Valley companies are innovating, hiring, competitive and helping mankind. We need to give more incentives to corporates and support them to continue their path by keeping low taxes and low regulation ...Read More

Give working families a break

As a husband and father, I know the Bay Area is an expensive place to live. In 2017, Congress passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. It was a good start, yet we need to do more. I support repealing the $10,000 cap on the state and local deduction (SALT), and simplifying the tax code so working families don’t get squeezed at tax time. I like to repeal federal tax limitation on maximum interest deduction as well, to promote American dream to own house. ...Read More

No Discrimination at workplace and Equal Right for Women

In Silicon Valley, we have multicultural society. I like to prevent Discrimination against any individual or group and vote for equal work right for women. Company performance goes down, hurt growth and impact people, which disturb their lives. When women are discriminated against, it disturb families, children and hurts social values. In all cases, people goes through stress when they are discriminated and it impacts their lives and it hurts our economy. Especially for foreign companies, there is limited control and structure setup today, where they do wrong things and get away. I like to work to fix this ...Read More

How to open Economy under COVID-19

Covid-19 pandemic will be remembered as a cruel event in human history, which has killed over a half a million people already. Most western countries were caught unaware, and took a while to react to contain and mitigate the situation. Confusing directives from WHO and CDC did not help. Administration and policy makers reacted in contradictions, which did not help keeping the public’s health safe or the economy protected from the man-made economic disaster of lockdowns. Four months later, we are still faced with a haphazard policy on re-opening of the economy while keeping people’s health safe. We need a strong and clear consensus, which is what I intend to provide as your potential congressman. I have practical solutions that will have a sharp focus on public health as well as open the economy in a speedy, creative yet responsible ways. ...Read More

Create better educational opportunities for our children

Politicians see our schools as social engineering laboratories as opposed to educational institutions. We need to empower school boards to make local decisions and give families the opportunity to choose better performing schools. We also need to invest in vocational education, so our students are not only learning the fundamentals, they are learning a trade. We need to increase teacher’s pay to compensate them for their work and bring it to corporate level. No for Affirmative actions during college admission. I like every children to compete and get admitted in colleges based on Merit. ...Read More

Support our Immigrant Community

Our immigration system must be reformed. Too often, law-aiding immigrants wait over a decade to receive their green card. We need an immigration system that promotes hardworking contributors and prioritizes reuniting families. We must also step up enforcement on those that commit violent crimes. I support securing our border, while expediting citizenship for law abiding, tax paying immigrants. American deserves the best immigrants to keep its leadership in the world. It should remove country quota and accept people based purely on merit. ...Read More

Pass Real Healthcare Reform

Cost of a quality healthcare for all is a very important issue and must be addressed now. Our GDP expenditures on healthcare have gone from five percent in the early sixties to about eighteen percent now. Premiums and out of pocket expenses on healthcare are unaffordable for many. We need to address this out of control cost issue at the national level without sacrificing choices, quality of care and its wide accessibility. Unfortunately, this issue has become an idealism war that can only hurt our society. We can’t let that happen. America was built on choices and freedom for our people, not socialism! We must have the courage to implement common sense solutions that work for all. I believe that competition and sane regulations will bring costs down for all. Quality of care in the US is good, and with healthy competition and technology to help, we can achieve even better. I have compiled a list of very sensible paths that can lead us to a very cost effective and high quality health care for all. ...Read More

Environment Protection & Climate Change Policies

· Create a Congressional Scientific and Industrial Council (CSIC) focused on promoting Industrial breakthroughs for more efficient and safe energy-generation from Solar, Nuclear, and other sources without impacting the economic well-being of people. · Promote energy conservation generally. Encourage innovative solutions in energy management for all consumer segments. · Work/Help China (25% of the CO2 generator) and other major countries to use better fuels and co-operate in research with the US and Europe for cleaner energy solutions. ...Read More

Help our homeless

Homelessness in the US has been increasing at double-digit rates in many cities. As policy makers, we must examine the root causes and create a national policy to eliminate this suffering within our nation. Large metropolitans like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley can’t afford to let their cities deteriorate. We have the capability and means to help homeless get back on their feet and become dignified part of thriving societies around them. As a humanitarian potential policy maker, I have practical solutions that can be implemented in cooperation with the cities and states. Please join me to take care of this important issue for our nation. ...Read More

Alleviate Bay Area Traffic Congestions

Let’s face it. Hours spent in traffic steals time from our families. Commuting in the Bay Area has become a mind-numbing experience, with many commuters spending up to four hours a day in traffic. The Trump administration has an ambitious infrastructure plan to rebuild roads the State of California has neglected, while creating thousand of new jobs. Traffic is not a partisan issue; it affects us all the same. We must be willing to work across party lines to get it addressed. ...Read More

Housing & Expand Prop 13

We know housing crunch in bay area. We need to be more efficient, economical and creative in permit issuance, to make life easier for people who like to build. I strongly support Prop 13, at same time support expanding Prop 13, so people can move without increase in property taxes, which will generate more revenue and jobs for real estate people, banks and everyone involve in process. This makes our economy stronger and people can live in desirable place. ...Read More

No to ACA5

I fully oppose ACA 5 and want your help to STOP ACA 5. Let us together help children of all races, color, and ethnicity learn better, and prepare them to compete vigorously at national and international levels. That would be a real gift to our society, not a debilitating quota system! ...Read More

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