Public Safety & Security

My opponent supports the Defund the Police movement. He loudly supported this following the unfortunate death of George Floyd. Since then, the crime rate has gone up, and with just misdemeanor charges for thefts under $1,000, retail theft crime has significantly increased. Safety and Security Concern for every American, especially in the California and Bay Area. My priority is the Safety and Security of every American. We need to fund the police, stop break-ins, stop hate crimes, and create a safe place for every American. About 11,000 hate crimes were committed, especially against Jews/Asians, in the last 1½ years, whereas my opponent wants to defund the police and abolish ICE. ...Read More

Boosting Economy & Protecting Silicon Valley

The California exodus, characterized by individuals and businesses relocating due to high costs and taxation, saw approximately 352 companies and 360,000 people leave between 2020 and 2021. Despite this, local representative Khanna supported higher taxes, impacting Silicon Valley's innovative companies. He continues to move companies and jobs outside of California. The exodus is driven by factors such as living costs, taxation, business climate, remote work flexibility, and the state's political and social climate, with many relocating to states like Texas, Florida, and Arizona for their favorable conditions. Addressing this trend requires comprehensive strategies including tax reform, improving housing affordability, simplifying business regulations, investing in infrastructure, and enhancing the quality of life. Additionally, transforming Silicon Valley into a Bio-Silicon Valley, focusing on next-century innovations, necessitates collaboration between the government, academia, and investors, along with support for startups through federal programs and incentives. Efforts to retain Silicon Valley's competitiveness include protecting intellectual property, encouraging innovative employee compensation, and securing federal funds for low-cost startup facilities. Mitigating the exodus and fostering growth demand a multifaceted approach, including tax relief, regulatory streamlining, infrastructure investment, and creating a supportive environment for innovation and workforce development. ...Read More

Create better educational opportunities for our children

Children are our future, and it is imperative that parents play a pivotal role in shaping that future. In a nation that prides itself on freedom and democracy, the idea that our children are mere state property is not only unacceptable but also a stark contradiction to our core values. This notion, suitable perhaps for Communist regimes, has no place in our society. Our incumbent congressman, Ro Khanna, has unfortunately betrayed these principles by supporting race-based quotas (Prop 16) in higher education admissions, directly contradicting his prior commitments. This has not only eroded trust but has also disadvantaged our heavily Asian community, which he himself is a part of. Such policies are not only divisive but fundamentally anti-American, undermining the meritocracy and individual achievement that our country holds dear. Now progressive have introduced ACA7 which divides society based on the color of the skin. This bill needs to be defeated. To effectively combat antisemitism and all forms of hate in US colleges, strict policies must be implemented to condemn such acts and hold perpetrators accountable. Educational institutions should be inclusive and respectful spaces where every student feels safe and valued. Immediate and decisive actions, including disciplinary measures and legal consequences, should be taken against any acts of hate or discrimination. By fostering education, accountability, and a commitment to justice, we can eliminate antisemitism and ensure a welcoming academic environment for all. The recent Supreme Court challenge to an Ivy League college admission policy that discriminates against Asians is a testament to the urgent need for reform. We must champion policies that ensure fairness and equality, celebrating merit over race, and accomplishment over quota. Furthermore, transparency in college admissions is paramount. The current system, shrouded in secrecy, does a disservice to our bright students, leaving them navigating a labyrinth with no clear guidance. This must change. But our commitment must extend beyond the halls of higher education. We must rally to support every child who is lagging behind, providing them with the resources, encouragement, and educational training they need to see themselves as equals, capable of achieving greatness on their own merits. I pledge to work tirelessly towards these goals, advocating for a comprehensive reform of the Department of Education, curtailing the undue influence of teachers' unions in politics, and ensuring that every educator is held accountable for the performance and well-being of every child. It is time for a curriculum that reflects our changing demographics, including the automatic inclusion of foreign languages that cater to our diverse student body. Together, we can forge a future where every child, regardless of background, is afforded the opportunity to succeed and contribute to our society. Let us stand united in this endeavor, for the sake of our children, and for the future of our great nation. ...Read More

Promoting Workplace Equality: No Discrimination, Equal Rights, and Health Access for Women

In Silicon Valley, we are proud of our multicultural society. I am committed to preventing discrimination against any individual or group and will advocate for equal work rights for women. Discrimination negatively affects company performance, inhibits growth, and impacts people's lives, disturbing their well-being. I support women's choices without government intervention. Discrimination not only disrupts families and children but also undermines social values. It causes stress for those affected, impacting their lives and ultimately harming our economy. Currently, there is limited control and structure in place for foreign companies, allowing them to commit wrongdoings with impunity. I will work to address this issue. Furthermore, women have made significant strides in bringing attention to health issues such as breast cancer and other female-specific ailments. We need to fully support these efforts, ensuring women receive the care and attention they deserve. ...Read More

Eliminate the SALT Deduction Cap for Greater Financial Relief

US housing market is on fire. Median house prices have jumped 20% in the last year. Particularly, the Bay Area is an expensive place to live. The real estate has increased consistently above the CPI and the wage growth in this area. This makes home affordability in the Silicon Valley a daunting task. It not only affects the professionals working in the high tech industry, but also makes it very hard for the service professionals to live in this area. This vicious cycle has not been addressed properly at all by the local governments. $10,000 cap on the state and local tax deduction (SALT) in their federal taxes is not helping either. Average home price in the Bay area has risen to such levels that paying property tax has become prohibitive. California State definitely does not need the extra windfall money. Prop 13 needs to be modified, such that tax is no more than 0.5% of market property value, and it does not grow more than 2% per year or less than half of the CPI index, whichever is smaller. It will open up many more homes for sale and encourage construction of new homes. ...Read More

Secure Borders and Legal Immigration

The massive migration at the borders is alarming, costly, full of security risks, and needs to be stopped quickly. It is admirable to help humanity at large, but we must justly consider its cost to us. We are not a “rich” country, as is often claimed by my opponent to justify large-scale illegal and asylum immigration. We have 70 million people on welfare, and millions are homeless. 50% of our population lives in near-poverty conditions. They can’t pay their bills. Our homeless and veterans are being passed over for cost reasons, but we are spending billions on illegal immigrants. Additionally, we face a healthcare cost crisis, particularly for the aging baby boomers. I would implore all voters to take this issue seriously and demand from Congress to pass strict laws to stop illegal immigration and economic migrants. Let’s take care of our homeless, veterans, disadvantaged, and near-poverty people. Let’s limit asylum only to the most deserving - definitely not offer it to an economic migrant ...Read More

Pass Real Healthcare Reform

Cost of a quality healthcare for all is a very important issue and must be addressed now. Our GDP expenditures on healthcare have gone from five percent in the early sixties to about eighteen percent now. Premiums and out of pocket expenses on healthcare are unaffordable for many. We need to address this out of control cost issue at the national level without sacrificing choices, quality of care and its wide accessibility. Unfortunately, this issue has become an idealism war that can only hurt our society. We can’t let that happen. America was built on choices and freedom for our people, not socialism! We must have the courage to implement common sense solutions that work for all. I believe that competition and sane regulations will bring costs down for all. Quality of care in the US is good, and with healthy competition and technology to help, we can achieve even better. I have compiled a list of very sensible paths that can lead us to a very cost effective and high quality health care for all. ...Read More

Environment Protection & Climate Change Policies

My vision for energy future is both sustainable and practical. It is a vision that understands the delicate balance between advancing our society and preserving our planet. Firstly, we must spearhead innovation in nuclear and solar energy technologies. These are not mere alternatives; they are the keystones to meeting our clean energy demands. By harnessing the power of the atom and the sun, we can unlock unlimited potential for clean, efficient, and reliable energy sources. But it doesn't stop with innovation alone. We must also license and share these technologies worldwide because climate change knows no borders. It is a global challenge that requires a united response. Moreover, we must approach the reduction of fossil fuels sensibly. Yes, we need to reduce our dependency on these finite resources, but such reductions must be carefully managed. They must not disrupt our economy, create inflation, or displace workers. It's about finding the right balance—transitioning to clean energy while ensuring our economic foundations remain strong. Unfortunately, not all policies in the past have managed to strike this balance. The truth is, the failed policies of my opponent have led to increased fuel prices, supply chain issues, and inflation. These are not mere inconveniences; they are significant obstacles on our path to progress. They hinder our growth, impact our everyday lives, and compromise our future. In contrast, my approach is about moving forward with caution and precision. It's about making sure that as we embark on this journey towards a cleaner, more sustainable future, we do not leave anyone behind. We will pave the way for a future where clean energy is not just a part of our lives but drives our economy forward, creating jobs, stabilizing prices, and ensuring our energy security. Together, we can make this vision a reality. We can take bold steps towards innovation, share our advancements with the world, and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels without sacrificing our economic stability. The time for action is now, and I am committed to leading the charge ...Read More

Help our homeless

I aim to solve California's housing problem by providing low-cost housing and focusing on an easy permit process. Today, 160,000 people are homeless in California and suffering. We need to help them. In the Golden State, the homeless count increased by 42% from 2014 to 2020 (as per Stanford research), whereas the homeless population in other states went down by 9% during the same period. Today, California's homeless crisis is associated with high housing costs, inadequate shelter spaces, mental illness, drug addiction, and deinstitutionalization (in 1963, President Kennedy signed the Community Mental Health Act into law, to provide federal funding for community-based mental health care. At the same time, federal law prohibited states from using Medicaid funds to pay for the care of non-elderly individuals with mental disease. This deinstitutionalization resulted in the number of mentally ill patients in public hospitals being reduced from 558,239 in 1955 to just 37,209 in 2016. Unfortunately, community care did not materialize as well as expected). Drug addiction has also resulted in an increase in crime, as these individuals need money to purchase drugs. To solve this problem, we need to do three things: 1. Improve housing affordability. California needs to streamline and accelerate housing production and re-examine the regulations that have hindered new housing development. 2. I will build more shelter capacity and increase investment in cost-effective housing, which is needed today. This will help reduce the unsheltered homeless population. 3. A large number of homeless people suffer from drug addiction and mental health issues. I will build more mental health treatment facilities and lower barriers to the treatment needed ...Read More

Affordable Housing

We stand at the forefront of a critical challenge that has long been woven into the fabric of our community—the affordable housing crisis in the Valley. Over the last two years alone, housing prices have surged by up to 50%, exacerbating an issue that has been decades in the making. With the median price of a single-family home now reaching $1.4 million, the dream of homeownership has become increasingly elusive for many, as the gap between housing costs and median income continues to widen. But there is hope. We can take bold steps to bridge this gap and make affordable housing a reality for all. Our approach includes streamlining the permitting process to encourage the development of affordable homes and offering incentives to developers to include affordable units in their projects. If we utilize public land for housing development and implement policies like upzoning and mixed-use development to increase our housing stock and make efficient use of our urban spaces. Moreover, we can also lower parking requirements to reduce construction costs, expanding rent subsidies to support low-income families, and providing assistance to first-time homebuyers. We can also extend our effort to preserve existing affordable housing, collaborating with tech companies to leverage their resources, and supporting innovative housing solutions like modular homes, tiny home communities, and ADUs. I can bring federal support, recognizing that a comprehensive housing strategy must address not just the supply of affordable housing, but also the broader issues of homelessness, income inequality, and access to public services. In closing, let us remember that the essence of our endeavor is not just to build houses, but to foster communities where every individual and family has the opportunity to thrive. Together, we can transform the landscape of affordable housing in the Valley and pave the way for a future where everyone has a place to call home, ...Read More

No on ACA7 (Formerly Prop16 / ACA5)

Summary : The new name for the ACA 5 bill, formerly known as Prop 16, is ACA 7, and it may appear on the November 2024 ballot. I oppose ACA 7 and urge everyone to vote NO on ACA 7, which promotes race-based discrimination. ACA 7 is a new California Assembly Constitutional Amendment that seeks to circumvent California's constitutional guarantee of equal treatment (Proposition 209). Despite a growing majority of California voters from all backgrounds first defeating it in 1996 (over 55%) and again in 2020 (over 57%), thereby rejecting racial preferences in public education, public employment, and public contracting at state ballot boxes, radical CA state lawmakers are once again pushing to legalize state-sponsored racial discrimination. We must unite around the timeless principle of equality and say no to ACA 7! My opponent, Ro Khanna, endorsed Prop 16 and exerted every effort to get it passed. Before coming to power, Ro Khanna signed a pledge with SVCA that he would not support a Prop 16-type bill (see details), but he has since changed his stance. He is not trustworthy. ...Read More

Foreign Policy

Lately, the US has lost respect at the world stage because of its questionable foreign policies and failed executions (Afghanistan, Iraq). Going forward, we must restore the prestige and admiration for our country on multiple fronts of foreign policy including conflict resolutions and trade policies. World leadership position is not an entitlement. It must be earned. ...Read More

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