Efficient and progressive corporate policies

  • Sustain existing competitive tax rates…RO KHANNA wants to raise them!!
  • Promote higher wage growthwith tax incentives tied to wage levels, particularly in my proposal for manufacturing zones.
  • Encourage tighter industry ties with educational institutions to get students involved much earlier – job alignments, and to offset student loan obligations mutually.

Equal and fair education policies

  • Promote admissions through fair competition –NOT via AFFIRMATIVE ACTION proposals of Ro Khanna - to achieve excellence in education for your children.
  • College Admissions based on racial percentages,promoted by Ro Khanna is a 19th Century REGRESSIVE IDEA!!
  • Institute better vocational training programs to encourage better wage growth for legal workers.

Legal and skilled Immigrant community policies

  • Law-abiding immigrants, who are skilled and contribute greatly to society, wait forever to get Green cards. Wrong!
  • We need better, balanced, and sane immigration policies. Skilled labor Visa priority is a good thing.
  • Secure our borders, and install high tech solutions for Visa Overstays. Ro Khanna wants OPEN Borders (Co-sponsor of HR 5383) and supports criminal illegals to remain in our country. Totally Wrong!


  • Medicare for All promotedby Ro Khanna is COSTLY and his proposed savings (best case $100B) fall way short of the required expense of $2-3 Trillion per year. Tax increases for the higher and middle class would become inevitable. There is little focus on real cost reduction.
My Suggestion
  • Allow the same company drug imports with minimal FDA issues
  • Price transparency from Medicare, Hospitals, and Insurance companies to facilitate competition in care costs as well as premiums.
  • Incentivize smaller clinics for primary care and usage of tax-free HSAs.
  • Re-examine drug prices increase due to intermediaries and regulations.
  • Reduce the length of college requirements to enter medical education. Two years is sufficient. Increase the supply of medical care personnel.

Environment protection and climate change policies

  • Create a Congressional Scientific and Industrial Council (CSIC) focused on promoting Industrial breakthroughs for more efficient and safe energy-generation from Solar, Nuclear, and other sources without impacting the economic well-being of people.
  • Promote energy conservation generally. Encourage innovative solutions in energy management for all consumer segments.
  • Work/Help China (25% of the CO2 generator) and other major countries to use better fuels and co-operate in research with the US and Europe for cleaner energy solutions.

Instill Robust Infrastructure to combat Traffic congestion

  • We need a lot better train, BART, and highway connections and schedule coordination in the greater Bay area. We also need innovations for efficient on-request based bus services to move traffic in a cost-effective, increased utilization, and less congested way.
  • Work with local cities to encourage better planning to create work, live, and play environment HUBS where commutes can be much shorter.

PoliciesHow we can build a better country together!

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Would you like to become one of our donors?

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