Promoting Workplace Equality: No Discrimination, Equal Rights, and Health Access for Women

In Silicon Valley, we are proud of our multicultural society. I am committed to preventing discrimination against any individual or group and will advocate for equal work rights for women. Discrimination negatively affects company performance, inhibits growth, and impacts people’s lives, disturbing their well-being.

I support women’s choices without government intervention. Discrimination not only disrupts families and children but also undermines social values. It causes stress for those affected, impacting their lives and ultimately harming our economy. Currently, there is limited control and structure in place for foreign companies, allowing them to commit wrongdoings with impunity. I will work to address this issue.

Furthermore, women have made significant strides in bringing attention to health issues such as breast cancer and other female-specific ailments. We need to fully support these efforts, ensuring women receive the care and attention they deserve.

Ritesh Tandon for California Issues
PO Box 731357, San Jose, CA 95173
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