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US immigration Policy has been extremely haphazard for the past 50 years. The large increase in illegal and legal immigration has been a very contentious election issue. As a first generation immigrant, I intend to contribute significantly to address this issue in a sensitive and bipartisan manner. I promise to bring this nation a sane, balanced, and implementable immigration policy that is acceptable to a very large majority of the existing population.

Immigration to the US is primarily driven by the desire of immigrants to have a better economic life. This must be matched with the America’s need to hire foreign workers legally for variable lengths of time. All other immigration – diversity based, asylum, investment based, etc. – must be small and openly discussed. Prime goals to allow immigration, permanent or temporary, should be clear and implementable.

American workers must not be affected adversely by any immigration policy. That is my commitment to you. In the past 50 years, America has been hit with double whammy of outsourcing of many manufacturing and other jobs as well as a five fold yearly increase of legal immigration to over 1M a year green cards now. Illegal immigration has increased to over 1 M a year as well. We must address these Macro problems carefully and in a sensitive manner.

I support immigration of skilled workers that have, and can contribute heavily to the success of the American society. Silicon valley is a prime example of skilled workers that not only contribute amazingly, but also integrate appreciatively in the local society. The country-based quota for such highly skilled workers should be eliminated to further enhance start-up culture. It must be coupled with encouragement to bring advanced manufacturing back to the Silicon Valley. I will promote that investment Visas should be used only for such focused purposes, not for any kind of employment creation, which is how it exists today.

We must protect our less skilled workers, as they are the most affected by the illegal immigrants. These include workers in many small businesses like restaurants, construction, farms, and other such professions. Now with the Covid-19 disaster, these people need even more protection. I will introduce bills to ensure that we protect our vulnerable workers. A country can’t have porous borders. Many corporates exploit or even promote porous borders, thereby encouraging slave labor conditions for the illegals. Progressive Democrats openly encourage illegal immigration, and constantly introduce bills like the “new way forward ” bill to promote lax implementation of the existing deportation laws. They are even trying to protect criminals from deportation. This is counter to all American interests, and is very disconcerting. Past Democrats were moderate, were sensitive to the average workers needs, and supported eliminating illegal migration. Today’s progressive Democrats like Ro Khanna seem to be working for the wealthy individuals interests who contribute to his campaign. Corporates and wealthy individuals want Democrats to continue to keep and increase the cheaper labor pool. Will that eliminate poverty and wealth gap, and increase wage growth for the average American citizens? No, with these approaches of the so-called Progressives.

Migration based on family reunification is important, and it makes sense to allow it for the nucleus family of your spouse and kids.

All guest worker programs must be implemented lawfully and tracked carefully with strict guarantees from the employers. Guest workers employment should have a rotational feature that will present economic opportunities to a wider number of foreign workers.

Guest worker Program must be complemented with a strong nation-wide job-training program for the jobs occupied by the foreign workers.

We must encourage local and cross state hiring programs to get Americans trained and working at good wages. Corporate greed to outsource jobs as well as import of cheaper labor should be curtailed with balanced temporary worker laws that encourage more local hiring. Decent wage growth, thereafter, will increase the welfare of a large segment of the local resident workers, and close the wealth gap that progressives mention often.

Progressive’s proposal of taxing the rich, and then redistributing money through social programs, is a wrong way to solve the problem of wealth gap. A sustainable solution is to not give chance to the corporations, and its wealthy shareholders, to first accumulate wealth by opening Flood Gates of illegal and other cheaper labor pools. Government’s increased role in redistribution of wealth will likely corrupt the
country like many socialist countries.

Let’s just optimize employment of all American people, and give them dignity of good wages earned through good training and a healthy job demand. I will follow the principles of good economics to create good immigration laws.

Ritesh Tandon for California Issues
PO Box 731295, San Jose, CA 95173
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