Create better educational opportunities for our children

Educational Reforms for our children

Children are our future, and parents should play a major role in shaping that future. This should be a foundational principle for our nation. The ‘left progressives’—Democrats like Ro Khanna who should be defeated like Terry McAuliffe, the former governor of Virginia, who proclaimed twice that parents should have nothing to do with education—believe your children are state property. Are they? Such a notion is only valid in Communist countries, not in freedom-loving democracies like the US.

Just to remind my constituents, our incumbent congressman Ro Khanna supported race-based quotas in higher education admissions. He fully endorsed California’s ACA5/Prop 16, which is based on racial makeup quotas in education, jobs, or public contracts, after promising in writing, years before, that he would not support any such laws. He has proven to be a turncoat and cannot be trusted. Our district is heavily Asian, and our incumbent congressman is Asian, yet his policies have been anti-Asian. I am relieved that Prop 16 was defeated. Now, let’s defeat this anti-Asian incumbent with his extreme left ‘Progressive’ policies that are regressive—not progressive—and infantile. Let’s take our children back and educate them the way YOU want them to be educated, not by the state, politicians, biased school boards, or teachers’ unions. Again, my opponent’s party is introducing ACA-7, which is a race-based division, but this time the only difference is that the government will apply it, which, in my opinion, will first consider educational institutes and public sector jobs. This is a division based on skin color; we need to STOP that.

To address and combat antisemitism and any hatred against any community in US colleges, it is imperative that we establish and enforce stringent policies that not only condemn such behaviors but also hold individuals accountable for their actions. Educational institutions must be bastions of inclusivity and respect, where all students, regardless of their background or beliefs, feel safe and valued. We must ensure that any acts of hate or discrimination are met with immediate and decisive action, including disciplinary measures and, if necessary, legal consequences. Together, through education, accountability, and a steadfast commitment to justice, we can eradicate antisemitism and create a more inclusive and respectful academic environment for everyone.

Recently, the Supreme Court challenged an Ivy League college admission policy that discriminates against Asians. Under the pretext of diversity, Asians—a minority in the US—are denied admission in favor of other minorities. This practice harms Asians, who strive to excel in life through hard work—an all-American value. The Supreme Court’s decision to end affirmative action in college admissions marks a significant milestone toward ensuring fairness and equal opportunity for all students. By eliminating race-conscious admissions policies, the Court reaffirms the principles of meritocracy and individual achievement. This ruling paves the way for a more inclusive and equitable education system where admission decisions are based solely on academic qualifications and personal accomplishments, regardless of race or ethnicity. It empowers students to compete on a level playing field and promotes diversity through genuine inclusion and respect for every individual’s talents and abilities.

I aim to bring transparency to college admissions. Today, UC admissions are like a black box to us, and many bright students suffer. Proposals to enhance transparency in college admissions include: 1. Publicly disclosing all admission criteria, including race and legacy status; 2. Implementing federal and state-level audits to ensure fairness; 3. Supporting legislation to limit unfair advantages, such as legacy factors and affirmative action; 4. Requiring the disclosure of algorithms or AI in decision-making; 5. Mandating institutions like UC to publish comprehensive freshman admission statistics. Additionally, urging UC to explain their admission process and consider public feedback for admissions policies and practices would further promote transparency.

The reason Virginia parents won and the ‘progressive’ Governor was ousted is that he supported shameful curricula that promote discussion of sexual content at an early age in schools, recommend reading books like ‘Queer’ in high schools, which graphically describe same-sex acts, and encourage racist and divisive messages of Critical Race Theories. School Boards that approve and encourage pornographic materials in schools are despicable. These educators normalize garbage under the guise of ‘progressive’ ideas. It is infuriating that they do not want parents involved in reviewing the materials taught in schools. Clearly, they know parents would not allow their children to be exposed to such material. Would you tolerate such degradation in our education system? Your incumbent congressman supports teachers’ unions and educators responsible for this degradation. While the world races to teach STEM curricula to their children, we are teaching pornography and race divisions. It is time to make teachers accountable for our children, and school unions should not have any say or fund US politicians, which is happening today.

We need to support every child who is behind. We need to work with teachers and provide resources. For example, to help the black community, we should do so with love, care, and educational training. They should receive positive encouragement, see themselves as equals, and understand that individual merit counts. Progressives like Ro Khanna should heed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s words to all of the US. In Alexandria, Virginia, on February 25, 2022, a federal judge ruled that Fairfax County school officials violated the law by changing admissions requirements at the nation’s top public school to deliberately reduce the number of Asian-American students enrolled. This arbitrary selection criterion of diversity, equity, and social justice allocation is detrimental to our nation, and federal laws must be enacted to protect the freedom of education, jobs, and business contracts.
I promise to work diligently to achieve this. All educational institutions, including high schools, should prepare children to earn a comfortable living wage. We need to reform the Department of Education, halt teachers’ union involvement in politics, and hold them accountable for the performance of every child. Every two years, teachers should pass a proficiency test to ensure they are up to date on the latest coursework. Material taught to students needs to be re-evaluated every two years, including foreign languages. If demographic changes occur, foreign languages should be automatically included in the world language curriculum.

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