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Protect Silicon Valley Jobs - Low taxes, Less regulations, Less Govt. intervention

The California exodus is real! It is not just California residents who migrate out of California for excessive taxes and high cost of living. In 2018 and 2019, 660 California-based companies relocated their 765 facilities to other states. Yet, Ro Khanna, our local congress representatives, supports higher corporate taxes at the Federal and Local levels. Onerous taxes and regulations are squeezing our Silicon Valley companies. We need to protect the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. Post Covid-19, we must get back to the best economic conditions, and a historic low unemployment level of 3.4%. I believe that Silicon Valley companies are the engines of growth with their innovative and competitive solutions to help humanity. We need to convert this Valley into a Bio-Silicon Valley that creates as much disease solutions, as it creates electronics and software solutions. I will carry this next century innovation flagship message in congress. We must give corporations more incentives and support them in their innovative and progress-driven path by keeping taxes and regulations at low levels.

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Give working families a break

As a husband and father, I know the Bay Area is an expensive place to live. In 2017, Congress passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. It was a good start, yet we need to do more. I support repealing the $10,000 cap on the state and local deduction (SALT), and simplifying the tax code so working families don’t get squeezed at tax time. I like to repeal federal tax limitation on maximum interest deduction as well, to promote American dream to own house.

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No Discrimination at workplace and Equal Right for Women

In Silicon Valley, we have multicultural society. I like to prevent Discrimination against any individual or group and vote for equal work right for women. Company performance goes down, hurt growth and impact people, which disturb their lives.  I support women choice with no intervention from government.

When women are discriminated against, it disturbs families, children and hurts social values. In all cases, people go through stress when they are discriminated and it impacts their lives and it hurts our economy. Especially for foreign companies, there is limited control and structure setup today, where they do wrong things and get away. I like to work to fix this.

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Foreign Policy

Lately, the US has lost respect at the world stage because of its questionable foreign policies and failed executions (Afghanistan, Iraq).  Going forward, we must restore the prestige and admiration for our country on multiple fronts of foreign policy including conflict resolutions and trade policies. World leadership position is not an entitlement. It must be earned.

After the World War 2, the USA supported numerous authoritarian regimes for various short term thinking reasons, toppled democracies to install dictators (Iran), and got involved in four major wars (Korean, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan) that it could not win. The Afghanistan withdrawal was disastrous – painful and humiliating. It tarnished our image as the “greatest fighting force in history”, and is probably encouraging Russians to wage the Ukrainian war. China potentially will do the same with Taiwan.  These bad policy assessments, and faulty executions of the past few administrations* are very visible now.

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Create better educational opportunities for our children

Children are our future, and parents should have a major role in determining that future! This should be the prime principle for our nation. The “progressives?” democrats like our incumbent should be defeated like Terry McAuliffe – the ex governor of Virginia – who proclaimed twice that parents should have nothing to do with education. They think your children are a state property. Are they? This notion is only valid in Communist countries, not in freedom loving democracies like the US.

Just to remind my constituents, our incumbent congressman supported race-based quotas in higher education admissions: He fully supported California’s ACA5/prop 16 based racial make up quotas in education, jobs, or public contracts, after promising, in writing, years before that he would not support any such laws. He is a turncoat not to be trusted! Our district is heavily Asian and our incumbent congressman is an Asian, yet his policies have been anti-Asian! I am glad that prop 16 was defeated! Now, Lets defeat this anti-Asian incumbent with his extreme left “Progressive” policies that are regressive – not progressive – and infantile. Lets take our kids back and educate them the way YOU want them to be educated, not the state, not the politicians, not the biased school boards, and not the teachers unions.

The reason Virginia parents won and the “progressive?” Governor was thrown out, is because he supported shameful curriculums that 1.) Promote discussion of sexual contents at early age in schools; 2.) Recommends reading of books like “Queer” in high schools, which graphically describes same sex acts; 3.) Encourage racist and divisive messages of Critical Race theories. School Boards that approve and encourage pornographic materials in schools are despicable. These educators are normalizing garbage under the garb of “progressive?” ideas. What is furious is that they don’t want the parents involved in reviewing the materials taught in schools! They obviously know that parents would not allow their kids exposed to such nonsense. Would you tolerate such degradation in our education system? Your incumbent congressman supports teachers unions and educators that are responsible for this degradation! While the world is racing to teach STEM curriculum to their kids, we are teaching pornography and race divisions to them. I would say that it is time to throw out the public school system and make school choice a mandatory law.

Progressive democrats like your incumbent support messages of critical race theory (CRT) in our institutions: It is racist and divisive. American value is that we must treat everybody equally and stop talking about oppressors (white race) and victims (blacks) in race relations dialogue – History is history and should be taught with a balanced and forgiving perspective. CRT also is bringing in the “Asian Privilege” in their messages. Most of you in district 17 are Asians and are labeled as privileged. It is because you worked hard and have accumulated money. Therefore, you are must be racists. What nonsense!

Teaching our children that racism arises within your skin color, and you are born with it, is totally un-American and unacceptable. Progressives like Ro Khanna support this CRT ideology and its messages. Believe me, it will not help the black community! You want to help the black community with love and care and educational training. They should receive positive encouragement messages of seeing themselves as being equal, and that individual merit counts. Progressives like Ro Khanna should abide by what Dr. Martin Luther king Jr. said to all of the US.

Recently, Ivy League college admission policy discriminating against the Asians has been challenged in the Supreme Court. Under the pretext of diversity, Asians – a minority in the US – are refused admissions in favor of other minorities. This practice damages the Asians, who want to excel in life through hard work – an all American value. The economic and psychological damage caused to the hard working Asians children by refusing admissions to top schools is enormous. Hopefully, just like the defeat of Prop 16 in California, this abhorrent practice of diversity based admissions, jobs, government contracts, etc. will stop throughout our nation. We need the discriminatory admissions challenge in the Supreme Court to succeed similar to a victory won by a coalition of Parents in Fairfax county, Virginia.

Alexandria, Virginia; February 25, 2022: Today, a federal judge ruled that Fairfax County school officials violated the law by changing admissions requirements at the nation’s top public school to deliberately reduce the number of Asian-American students enrolled.

This arbitrary selection criterion of diversity, equity, and social justice allocation is harmful to our nation and federal laws must be made to protect freedom of education, jobs, and business contracts. I promise to work very hard to do just that.

All education institutions including high school should gear kids to earn a comfortable living wage. The school choice is a fundamental policy to achieve such an objective. It needs to be implemented throughout our nation. Public school system has failed to achieve this objective! Its record of the past 50 years is miserable, and has done damage to our kids by ignoring their primary responsibility of competitive education for our kids. The STEM education performance has been really poor in our schools. Teaching kids woke culture, pornography, and critical race theories in schools should not be a priority, as it does not make kids earn a good living. It is time to make a radical change in our school and university system, and create competition for the public schools, and the public universities – all tax dollars must go with the student wherever that student wants to go.

Additional programs that will help our kids earn a good living are: 1.) Apprenticeships that start at the high school level and continue to all levels of higher education. Focus on K-12 education quality is critical as it is the foundation to succeed for children. Our tax dollars and resources must be utilized in a manner where they are most effective and accountable. Educators must be held accountable and incentivized according to their performance. Tenure system must be reviewed and changed to hold faculty responsible for the outcomes for students.

American society must embrace ideals of equal opportunity for all without discrimination or preferences. Our children must adopt values of fair competition and success, which is the only way to make United States shine as an example of a fair society where American dream is possible through hard work alone, and not through political social engineering. I will vehemently oppose quota systems based on race, color, sex, and ethnicity. I will work at congress level to propose bills that will withhold federal funds if any state laws support any kind of preferential affirmative action and quotas.

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Support our Immigrant Community

Our immigration system must be reformed. Too often, law-aiding immigrants wait over a decade to receive their green card. We need an immigration system that promotes hardworking contributors and prioritizes reuniting families. We must also step up enforcement on those that commit violent crimes. I support securing our border, while expediting citizenship for law abiding, tax paying immigrants. American deserves the best immigrants to keep its leadership in the world. It should remove country quota and accept people based purely on merit

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Pass Real Healthcare Reform

Cost of a quality healthcare for all is a very important issue and must be addressed now. Our GDP expenditures on healthcare have gone from five percent in the early sixties to about eighteen percent now. Premiums and out of pocket expenses on healthcare are unaffordable for many. We need to address this out of control cost issue at the national level without sacrificing choices, quality of care and its wide accessibility. Unfortunately, this issue has become an idealism war that can only hurt our society. We can’t let that happen. America was built on choices and freedom for our people, not socialism! We must have the courage to implement common sense solutions that work for all. I believe that competition and sane regulations will bring costs down for all. Quality of care in the US is good, and with healthy competition and technology to help, we can achieve even better. I have compiled a list of very sensible paths that can lead us to a very cost effective and high quality health care for all.

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Environment Protection & Climate Change Policies

In the past 70 years, this world population has grown from 2.5B to around 7.5B, a 300% increase. Concurrent to this growth, the consumption of energy per capita has grown to about twice. The global industrialization, and consumer demands have spiked fossil fuel usage particularly in Asia. Not surprisingly, therefore, the largest green house gases (GHG) are now emitted by China (25% of worldwide CO2 emissions) and India (8% of the worldwide CO2 emissions). In comparison, US, and Europe (including Russia), are 15% each of the world CO2 emissions. To reduce GHG, China must be part of the equation. A prime example of environmental pollution is Plastic overuse, burning, ocean dumping, and plastic micro-particles found all over the planet that can be a health hazard of large proportion. I will lead efforts to implement sensible solutions that will have positive global Impact with minimal or no economic disruptions.

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California Issue

Help our homeless

Homelessness in the US has been increasing at double-digit rates in many cities. As policy makers, we must examine the root causes and create a national policy to eliminate this suffering within our nation. Large metropolitans like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley can’t afford to let their cities deteriorate. We have the capability and means to help homeless get back on their feet and become dignified part of thriving societies around them. As a humanitarian potential policy maker, I have practical solutions that can be implemented in cooperation with the cities and states. Please join me to take care of this important issue for our nation.

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Public Safety & Security

Our law enforcement officials put their lives on the line each and every day to protect those of us going about in our daily lives. I will not tolerate the radical liberal policies calling for defunding our police and spewing anti-police rhetoric.
As a US Congressional candidate, I will make sure to motivate our police department and protectors of the state of California to enhance public safety and defend the people from significant crimes.

Additionally, I will prohibit the federal government to continue allowing unfettered access into our state. Currently, we have wide-open, unsecured borders, and 20% of San Jose residents are undocumented. Meanwhile, our lawmakers are allowing them to vote in elections like Mayor, City Council, or School Board instead of taking action.

People are unsafe, and our businesses are broken into very frequently. We cannot let this persistently affect our state.

We must rehabilitate our asylum policies and work towards a comprehensive solution to this crisis and stop drug cartels and illegal immigrants from coming to our state.
Our border patrol agents are putting their lives on the line, daily, to help keep our country safe. We must ensure our border patrol is fully-funded and return to policies that keep our state out of harm’s way.

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Affordable Housing

The Bay Area is an expensive place to live. The real estate has increased consistently above the CPI and the wage growth in this area. This makes home affordability in the Silicon Valley a daunting task. It not only affects the professionals working in the high tech industry, but also makes it very hard for the service sector professionals to live in this area. This vicious cycle has not been addressed properly at all by the local governments. In 2017, Congress passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. I support a number of measures that would help put more money in peoples pocket to spend on housing in the Bay area. One of them is repealing the $10,000 cap on the state and local tax deduction (SALT) in their federal taxes. The second is to support modifying Prop 13 such that no more than 0.5% of market property value is taxed at the county level, and the market value assessments are capped at 1% less than the CPI index per year regardless of the ownership transfers. It will open up many more homes for sale and encourage construction of new homes. Third solution is to give a 15% reduction in the federal tax rate break to all employees of a start up in their first 5 years of existence. This will spur innovation and reward the 80-hour/week employees.

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No Race Based Discrimination

I fully oppose Prop 16 and want your help to STOP Prop 16. Let us together help children of all races, color, and ethnicity learn better, and prepare them to compete vigorously at national and international levels. That would be a real gift to our society, not a debilitating quota system!

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Indian American engineer and businessman

My grandfather Kanhaiyalal Tandon, fought for the independence of India.  Because of his experience, I grew up with an appreciation for the freedom we had. Too often, politicians take for granted the freedom we have here in America. They have no historical context and do not realize the gift that our forefathers gave us. As your Congressman, I will never forget the gift of liberty, nor will I eschew my role as your public servant. I would be honored to serve this community in Congress and proud to fight for you in Washington, D.C.

Masters in Computer Engineering / Masters in Business Administration - Santa Clara University

Innovation Research Fellow, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley

Executive / Volunteer Non Profit Organizations

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