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My opponent supports the Defund the Police movement. He loudly supported this following the unfortunate death of George Floyd. Since then, the crime rate has gone up, and with just misdemeanor charges for thefts under $1,000, retail theft crime has significantly increased.

Safety and Security Concerns for every American, especially in the California and Bay Area. My priority is the Safety and Security of every American. We need to fund the police, stop break-ins, stop hate crimes, and create a safe place for every American. About 11,000 hate crimes were committed, especially against Jews/Asians, in the last 1½ years, whereas my opponent wants to defund the police and abolish ICE.

We face serious security problems in many cities around the Bay Area that need to be addressed quickly so our people can feel safe to enjoy their normal activities. The rise in violence against Asians, increased shoplifting, and robberies is alarming. We need to support our law enforcement officers and encourage more quality individuals to join the workforce to improve community relations and confidence.

Our law enforcement officials put their lives on the line each and every day to protect those of us going about our daily lives. I will not tolerate the radical liberal policies calling for the defunding of our police and spewing anti-police rhetoric. As a US Congressional candidate, I will ensure to motivate our police department and protectors of the state of California to enhance public safety and defend the people from significant crimes.

Additionally, I will prohibit the federal government from continuing to allow unfettered access to our state. Currently, we have wide-open, unsecured borders, and 21% of San Jose’s immigrant residents are undocumented (see the City of San Jose source below). Meanwhile, our lawmakers have done nothing. People are unsafe, and our businesses are being broken into very frequently. We cannot let this persistently affect our state.
We must rehabilitate our asylum policies and work towards a comprehensive solution to this crisis and stop drug cartels and illegal immigrants from coming to our state. Our border patrol agents are putting their lives on the line daily to help keep our country safe. We must ensure our border patrol is fully funded and return to policies that keep our state out of harm’s way.

The following are actions I will take to increase Safety/Security for every American:
1. Community Policing and Law Enforcement Reform: Strengthening the relationship between law enforcement and communities through increased presence of community police officers and reform measures focused on de-escalation, cultural sensitivity, and mental health awareness.
2. Enhanced Public Safety Infrastructure: Investing in technologies and infrastructure, like improved street lighting and surveillance cameras in high-crime areas, and advanced emergency response systems.
3. Mental Health and Social Services: Expanding access to address underlying issues of homelessness, addiction, and criminal activities.
4. Housing and Homelessness Solutions: Implementing strategies to combat homelessness, including temporary shelters and long-term housing solutions with support services.
5. Regular Assessment and Adaptation: Continuously evaluating the effectiveness of safety measures and adapting to changing circumstances and challenges.
6. Strict Immigration policies.

21% of San Jose’s immigrant population is undocumented –

Source: On page #7, it states that 21% are undocumented residents. This is an old document from 2021-2024; the number may be higher.”

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