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January 12, 2018

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There are many different approaches to the economy. I believe that the key to a robust economy is less regulation and lower corporate tax rates that will ultimately mean more jobs and a better standard of living for Americans and their families.

Vice President Joe Biden was once seen as a voice of moderation but this is not the same Democratic party. Everywhere I go, people tell me that they have voted Democratic for years, but now don’t even recognize the party anymore and are starting to change their ways.

Now, the leading contender for the Democratic Nomination for President, Joe Biden is actively calling for a massive increase in corporate taxes. While this is new for him, it’s not new for the Bernie Sanders, AOC, Ro Khanna types. And worth noting, Biden is citing a fake New York Times article that was later rebuked in strong fashion by the CEO of FedEx.

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Under this administration’s corporate tax cuts the average family’s income is rising, this includes minority demographics like African-Americans, Latino-Americans and Asian-Americans. By lowering the corporate tax rates from 35% (among the highest in the world) to 21% (2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act) the American economy is booming! Quite simply, when big corporations have more of their own money, they invest in R and D, technology, new plants, and locations… which means they hire many thousands of new employees. In Silicon Valley, in fact, recruiters are doing what they can to lure high paid employees of other companies into new positions. They can’t fill the jobs fast enough! In fact, contrary to previous administrations, the average household wage is going up too… another debunking of the left’s talking points on corporate tax cuts.

Additionally, the unemployment rate is a staggeringly low 3.5% with the Dow Jones Industrial Average regularly teasing 28,000. Let’s not forget the billions this administration has helped bring back from overseas due to the new rate relief.

A systematic dismantling of these tax cuts by any Democratic administration and Congressmen like Ro Khanna will result in a great economic collapse and a seismic shift in family income in Silicon Valley. With a Democratic caucus in Congress all too willing to pass these cuts, we cannot let this happen. I will fight burdensome taxes and regulations on Silicon Valley companies!

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