How to open Economy under COVID-19

Responsible opening of the US Economy
Post Covid-19 lockdowns

Covid-19 pandemic will be remembered as a cruel event in human history, which has killed over a half a million people already. Most western countries were caught unaware, and took a while to react to contain and mitigate the situation. Confusing directives from WHO and CDC did not help. Administration and policy makers reacted in contradictions, which did not help keeping the public’s health safe or the economy protected from the man-made economic disaster of lockdowns. Four months later, we are still faced with a haphazard policy on re-opening of the economy while keeping people’s health safe. We need a strong and clear consensus, which is what I intend to provide as your potential congressman. I have practical solutions that will have a sharp focus on public health as well as open the economy in a speedy, creative yet responsible ways.

The economic impact of forced shutdowns and haphazard re-opening of the economies is already proving to be a large burden on the people: Q2 2020 GDP is expected to shrink by 40%; over 35M people are unemployed today. If we don’t reopen quickly in a responsible way, the GDP shrinkage and unemployment numbers will stay high. CARES act has helped a lot, but it is temporary and has an alarming long-term affect of higher national debt, inflation, and income disparities. The higher tax rates would be imminent. The state and local tax revenue shrinkages would cut into services that could have long term affects.

USA is about 25% of the world economy, and the next nine countries outside of China (16% of the world economy) – Japan, Germany, India, UK, France, Italy, Brazil, Canada, and Russia – combined are about 25% of the current world economy. This fifty percent of the world economy is getting affected substantially with the Corona Virus epidemic and the shutdown affects. A clear strategy of responsible yet speedy re-opening is a worldwide emergency policy that needs to be thought through carefully. I intend to lead this vital worldwide initiative with the US at the helm of it.

Drug and Vaccine discoveries Program: First and foremost, we need to restore a worldwide trust on the Virus cures, trials of appropriate drugs, and correct management of the disease. We can’t rely on the WHO to do that. USA must take a lead role on this war on humanity. We must gather all major drug and vaccine development nodes to cooperate. Major institutions have to accelerate deeper understanding of the physiology and mechanism of Corona Virus infection, which is critical in getting the correct set of drugs and vaccines that work. As a policy maker in congress, I will spearhead this project for humanity.

Common sense re-opening Guidance: We must follow a sane policy of reopening. The older and susceptible folks, people with underlying conditions of high blood pressure, heart problems, obesity and immune conditions should stay home as much as possible, or work from home. The younger people and people with healthy underlying conditions can immediately start work with generally accepted precautions of “wash your hands before you touch your face”, responsible social distancing, and wearing a mask in public. New approaches to sanitize work spaces
and commonly touched surfaces are emerging including technology solutions like better air flow designs combined with harmless UV-C light applications.

Extensive workplace testing: In all industries where people contact is close, there must be 100% testing and often. Lets put a high priority on testing! All companies must test their employees often and submit data to the public health department in an “Open interactive infection maps” format. This mapping and tracing methodology accomplished in cooperation from the people will contain the spread effectively for Corona Virus and any future infectious disease spread. We need to modernize our public health safety capabilities. I want to make sure that in future, all infectious diseases have a swift and consistent response, such that there is little or no harm done to our life and our economy.

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