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The election of Ro Khanna, US Representative from California’s 17th congressional district, in 2018, was supported by some leading Hindu Americans in CA17 district. The trust of Hindu American community on his abilities went far beyond the trust on his principal opponent Ron Cohen in 2018.

In early August 2019, Ro Khanna, the congressman representing the 17th district of California, joined the Congressional Pakistan Caucus. Then subsequently, on August 29th, Representative Khanna tweeted “it’s the duty of every American politician of Hindu faith to stand for pluralism, reject Hindutva,

Why does an ethnically diverse district in which the median income of households is $141,000 per annum need an anti-poverty and anti-fascism campaign? This is probably the question that arises in the minds of many reasonable-minded people in Ro Khanna’s district and around the country.

Charles Schwab's $26 billion deal to acquire TD Ameritrade will result in the relocation of its San Francisco-based headquarters to Dallas-Fort Worth, reported The Wall Street Journal.


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Why Prop 209 is important for college admissions? Removing Prop 209 will only deteriorate the quality of education in California UC colleges and the state universities. I wholeheartedly oppose anything that minimizes competition and success as the key admissions requirement to our esteemed state school system

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